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Strada Dash Questions


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Hi, I have a few questions regarding wiring to a MXG1.2 Strada Dash, and communication between the dash and a Link G4+ Extreme.

1: Can ALL info from the Link ECU be transmitted to the Dash via the CAN cable (Speed, RPM, CEL, Oil pressure, Water temp, etc), or do some of them need to be transmitted via hard-wired auxillary inputs/outputs?

2: When connecting vehicle analogue inputs to the dash (indicators, high beam, battery light, etc), are they wired to any analogue input, then software configured within the dash so they operate the correct light/symbol?



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  1. Yes, you can send any ecu info you like via CAN.  The channels that are included in the default preconfigured stream are listed below which is covers what most users want.
  2. Correct, the analog inputs are all equal, you can connect any switch or sensor to any input and configure them in software to match your wiring afterwards.  You can make them light up any LED in any colour and/or light up icons on the icon bar at the bottom of some screens.  You can download Race Studio 3 from Aims website and create a blank MXG config if you want to have a play around to see what options you have for screen layouts etc.     


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Hi, thanks for confirming this.

I've been making a complete wiring loom for a mates truck, and he's only recently decided to get the Link Strada dash after I'd made the loom for a Commodore instrument panel, so we haven't been able to play with the software to see how it all works yet. I just wanted confirmation so I can modify the loom once for the new dash before installation, and not have to alter it again afterwards. Will definitely download Race Studio 3 and have a play. Thanks again.

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