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No start after adding two sensors and moving to on-board MAP


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Car has been running beautifully until today when I added two 100psi sensors for oil and coolant pressure (looks like the coolant pressure one is not working right). I also switched from my external Link 4 bar MAP to the onboard 4 bar map to get an extra an volt input and calibrated it as well. Car won't start and I'm really weak at diagnosing on Link so far. Please take a look and see if you find anything. Thanks for your help.

norun.llg New sensors.pclr

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Yeah, the main problem is no fuel pressure. This also means the ecu was extending injector PW so if there was actually fuel pressure but just the sensor wasnt working then it has probably flooded the engine quite bad.  Need to confirm if there is actually pressure.  

Note since your fuel, oil and coolant press sensor are all the same calibration you can just assign each input to the same cal, you dont need a separate cal for each.

All your settings look ok.  The fault codes show ANV 2 and 4 are at ground so there is a wiring problem there by the looks - they should not go below 0.5V if everything is working.

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