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TCI Auto Canbus


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Hey I have almost finished wiring up a G4X Storm ECU to a chevy with a LT1 engine and trans, the engine is sorted but am trying to connect the ecu to the transmission ecu through canbus but I have no information on setting it up for this ecu

TCIAUTO 301002

I know it requires a TPS, engine speed and Map signal and would rather not tee into the new engine harness.

Any help would be great

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It looks like this device is only designed to talk to FAST XFI ecu's, I have never seen the FAST XFI CAN published anywhere.  You could try contacting them to see if they are forthcoming with that info, but I suspect like Racepak and Holley they will keep it close to their chest.  

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I have since found out that it is only setup to talk to fast xfi type ecus, they only seem to have 1 version of can bus across all ages of trans ecu's so was wondering if it would be the same as the protocol aim or haltech use in there dashes? Would there be a way of getting the link ecu to send this data that the dashes are used to receiving somehow?

I do have a old laptop with the tciauto software on it to check any signals being sent.

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No that is the wrong ecu company.

DTAfast S series is made by a small english ecu company:  https://www.dtafast.co.uk/  It has nothing to do with FAST/TCI/Edelbrock.

The FAST you want is the large American one that is part of Edelbrock group - it is actually owned by the same company as TCI: https://www.fuelairspark.com/

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