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help please, keen to open idle valve fully under WOT


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Hi, in search of that last little bit of hp on a na setup, my idle valve is 20mm diameter and I would like to open it when tps is greater than say 80% for that theoretical increase of air, seat of the pants shows that when the idle valve pipe is open to atmo we are slightly closer to actual atmo pressure in the intake manifold under wot than with it capped off, it does point to a restrictive intake tract pre throttle body which I know but hey if I can crack open the idle valve under wot, why not


I have tried some logic but been unable to get it to respond, the ecu is a g4x and the idle valve is on aux 2 and works perfectly for idle control and cold starts


if tps greater than 80% then idle valve "open" (obviously a pwm value etc)

What am I missing to make this happen or is this logic not possible ? pretty sure the ecu tries to close the idle valve to prevent a boost leak in most situations so I may be fighting against a pre set logic


I would also like to trip a relay to freewheel the alternator to remove the alternator drag under wot as well, but that I can do 


cheers and thanks


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