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Cold Start AFR Help


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I have been trying to get my cold start AFR better recently but i am having an issue where it seems to be randomly very rich on start up for around the first 20 seconds of idle. At first i thought it was was one of the cold start fuel options but now its done it when the car was started when hot, i cant seem to find out what's adding the extra fuel. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Three log files attached, one from cold and it was fine, one from cold and it was rich and another which is from a hot start where it also starts up rich. Map also attached.








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The rich problem is due to battery voltage.  In the log below the pink traces are a good start and the coloured traces are the rich cold start.  You can see where the cursor is the effective PW is about the same, but the Actual PW is very different, this is because the battery voltage is showing 10.89V Vs 13.96V so a longer deadtime is being added.  

I dont think this battery voltage is real due to how it is such a sharp step when it jumps back to normal.  Looking through your tune you have pretty much used every table so Im suspicious you may possibly be running into some processing limitation.  

I would first try updating to the latest firmware.  If that doesnt solve it I would then try temporarily turning those 6 ign trim tables that are doing nothing.  



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