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Need help: repairing ST205, surge high rpm when starting

Riiken TSh

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Hi dear Link team, the car ST205 (plugin G4x, stock loom+Bosch IAT+AEM AFR) now surge to 4000rpm from start, very high injector duty cycle very rich, could check for reason? Million thanks!

Long story short: the car was running great on Link, I road tuned by myself, even smoked supercar. At January I got into a strange incident (very likely been set up by bad person, I lost a week memory without any injure, just no memory and evidence, gopro was destroyed), the car almost totalled, but luckily not much damage to loom and engine and tranny, now I'm trying to start the engine after 10 months, but surge 4000rpm from start, and I shutdown immediately to prevent any damage(also too noisey if idle high rpm, neighbor would kill me haha), tried 3 times same result same high rpm.

Although the incident could caused damage, but I checked log TPS,AFR,IAT seems behaving great, ISCV working, just injector duty cycles super high, dunno why.

Here are current basemap and log, could see important sensors readeing correct, the car just give too high injector cycle and too rich:


This is an very old log includes starting, ISCV even higher, but injector duty cycle remains low thus stable rpm


This is last old log before incident, she really runs great



1. have little bit oil leak, will repair now
2. removed AC after incident
3. and since intercooler damaged, now for testing start, running turbo straight to throttle body, but I don't think these have anything to do with injector duty cycle
Any help would be mostly appreciated, now I just want to run engine stable make sure everything OK, then I could remove engine with confidence, to weld tube front end to repair beam and tower damage






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