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Water/Meth tuning


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Hi there,

I'm installing an Aquamist meth system which can use either injector pulse duty signal or MAP signal. I'm currently using the pwm aux out so can't use the link to control it from a table. System is currently set to use injector duty signal


For tuning I intend to use a 4d table to adjust fuel and timing whilst water meth is active with a failsafe from the aquamist system switching the 4D table on and off.


For the table axis, if using the aquamist with injector duty, would I be better having injector duty Vs rpm on the 4D table or sticking with MAP Vs rpm? 





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7 hours ago, Adamw said:

It will be best to stick with MAP Vs RPM.  IDC would still give a decent indication of air flow, butt it will be difficult to tune trying to hold IDC constant in a cell.  

Thanks for the reply. 


My theory was that with the aquamist controller using injector duty as a reference, using injector duty as an axis on the 4D table would make tuning it easier with regards to referencing when the meth would be spraying however I get that it would be very difficult to keep IDC steady apart from at WOT, especially on road tuning which I will be doing. 

I may switch the aquamist controller over to MAP reference, would this be easier to tune with in regards to having the table also using MAP Vs rpm? 

My method for tuning will be do base runs with no meth, then run with meth adjusting the flow until I get a 1 point drop in AFR across the board whilst in use, then using the 4d table to adjust it back to where it was originally, is this the usual method? I've used it as a cooling aid before but not done much tuning for it.


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