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Accusump valve


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@Adamw ,  i have installed a Accusump oil accumulator on a race car with electric Valve. The car is equipped with a G4x Xtreme ecu and i have the oil pressure sensor wired in them.

I want to build a easy strategy  for command the electric accusump valve..

The accusump valve is wired to a relay and the Ecu Aux output is wired to the relay.

I need a Pre-oil for engine start , so when the Ecu see Rpm go high than 0 value , the Accusump valve need to open for a pre-oil in engine start.

After that, the accusump need to be refill so the valve stay open until the pressure is raised to about 4 bar.

In the race/running engine condition, the accusump valve is closed and open only when the pressure oil is low than 2.5 Bar and the accusump stay open until the  oil  pressure is over 4 bar ,this for recharge the accusump pressure for the next engine oil pressure drop..

it's possible to build with Virtual Aux and some codition this?

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