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Base map request - 4age 16V std engine


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Hello everyone.  I'm hoping that someone on here will have what I need or be able to give me some pointers.  Just got a new Atom and wired it up yesterday.  I read somewhere about installing the base map supplied through the pc link software, but for the life of me can't find either a generic Atom base map or even better a base map for the Toyota 4age 16v motor.

I'm sure that I'll have plenty more questions as time passes.

Many thanks in advance. 


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hi adamw. i have a corolla 1990 with a storm ecu fitted. i am in the process of mapping it out and going to the dyno. my one is std also so maybe we can share information . have you got it running

there are no base maps there. I have been working on mine for mnths and are sorting out knock control to get the best timing. looking at yours its really low in the timing and also running really lean, if you get some base maps it would be interesting to see them. my 4age is a small port with coil on plugs

would you like to see mine , it has not been on the dyno just road tuning, its still a little lean and has got some knock present

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I am not the original poster.  That is one of my start-up maps I was offering to the original poster to get his engine running.  Yes it is from a running engine, no it is not tuned.  I just changed a few ignition settings etc.  


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Thanks for the map Adam. Will give it a try at the weekend. 

Another question, my dizzy has 24 teeth at bottom and 4 on top for triggering. I have a spare dizzy with 24 and 1.  Which is the best one to use?

Thanks again 

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