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V5/6 WRX Plugin - WOT Fuel issues


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Hi all,

Ive been having issues with over fueling on my 2.3ltr EJ Version 6 STI.

Every track day etc I do i fill the catch can with E85. I can smell fuel when you go WOT, its using bucket loads of fuel in general.

WOT even for short bursts for drags or roll racing will fill the 700ml catch can within a few passes with fuel.

I have attached tune file and log.

I usually run about 24psi of boost and this is more boost than originally setup on fueling tables etc, i am wondering if this has anything to do with it? Or could it be the VIPEC V series not doing the 'Flex Fuel' very well?

Any advice?


Thanks to all.

342KW-V6sti.pcl Log 14-04-21 2;53;01 pm.zip

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There is no wideband set up so we cant tell you anything about fuel.  The 5D table for the ethanol blend doesnt have the typical numbers I expect to see in it.  For E85 I typically have to add around 30-35% extra fuel compared to petrol.  Your tune is adding between 45-50% extra for E85.  

I would say it needs to go back to the tuner to get the tune checked.  

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