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Question on MAP limits, hitting it prematurely?


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Some background - As I don't have access to a dyno, I've been doing all of my tuning to date on the road. To do so safely with less risk to my engine, I've been setting MAP limits slightly above the boost level I'm trying to capture log data to tune up to.

Now that I'm getting my tune up to the neighborhood of my waste gate's spring pressure (7psi), I'm finding that the MAP limit cuts that I programmed cut in at approximately 1 psi of MAP lower than it was set. Specifically, I had my MAP limit set to 23.5psi, and the MAP cut went active at only 22.5psi MAP in the logs.

Just curious, is this behavior by design, to err on the side of engine protection? If so, it's easy enough to raise the MAP limit a bit.

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7 minutes ago, Adamw said:

The default control range if you have advanced mode turned off is 10kpa.


Thanks Adam, that explains it! I'm using the "Rotary ONLY" setting for the MAP Limit Mode, and Advanced Mode and Dual MAP Limit are both set to "OFF", so I'd assume the default control range is still 10Kpa, correct?

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