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Howard Coleman

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i raised WG duty cycle yesterday and found no change in my boost. i did the test and heard no cycling from the MAC valve. i checked wiring and that is not the problem. it would seem to be in my sttings. i have the solenoid wired thru Aux 1. it worked with my V88 using the same harness. it is also tagged at GP output 1.

perhaps it is appropriate that it is an orange wire with a black stripe... being Halloween coming shortly. 

i attach my map and hope you find something. i can make do with a manual boost controller for the Texas Mile if necessary.



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i removed the A plug and did a continuity check re the O/B (Aux 1) wire which is used to manage the boost solenoid. continuity checks correctly.

i also did a continuity to chassis for both  control wires between each other and separately to the chassis and there is no continuity.

it appears that i have 5.57 V from the Aux 1 pin and all other aspects of the wiring circuit are correct. why no 12V?

barring some fix, i am planning to switch the solenoid control to another pin. 

am i correct that the pins are AMP Superseal? 

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As I mentioned above, the ecu side is fine, you are seeing the correct voltages at the solenoid from the ecu aux.  The problem is the 12V side that comes from the car is missing.  You should have constant 12V to the solenoid from the ignition circuit in the car whenever the ign switch is on. 

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