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Trying to get a clean idle with DW 1200's


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Afternoon All.

BP 98 and DW 1200's on a WRX motor..

Having a mess around with the car whilst the Tuner finishes relocating... And I've been having an issue with the car fouling plugs at idle. I cant seem to pull the fuel down enough, But its not fouling plugs now. ( I think part of the issue is a O2 sensor that's carboned up like mad....)

But, I was being inquisitive as usual (Drives the tuner mad....  But I do that to everyone..)

ATM the Dead time table is zero, But being the forementioned inquisitive, I put in my copy of the Dead time values I had and the car idles like Garbage, You can't seem to lean it out enough ... Would this be Injectors maxing out on min pulse width shenanigans? (Fuel map is at 28.. but anything under 30 seems to do bugger all....)

If so... meh, the 98 tune is only for when the car is back home or I run out of e85 at an event. There is a few forum posts about having to bump up idle with DW's, but I don't trust Forums...

(as he posts on a forum....)

Or can I whack a whole pile of AVCS advance in and make the car idle like a 69 427 ZL1?  (That could be way more fun....)

Secondly (yes, always the second one..) If I want the car to ignore the o2 sensor at idle do I set lambda at 0 or 1.000 at that map range? ( Or just roll your eyes and post the link to the right bit of the wiki and ill let myself out :ph34r::lol:

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