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advice on wheel speed sensors for traction control


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hi all, i have a 1970 MGB roadster with a 400+rwhp SR20det running a link g4x xtreme.

i want to setup traction control as lack of traction has become a issue (hehehe)

im needing some advice on the equipment needed to install wheel speed sensors on 1 front and 1 rear wheel, is there kits available or am i going to have to get creative and make brackets etc to make this work as i am more than capable of this just dont know what sensors to use, do i need a disc for the sensor to read and if so how many teeth would it need to be

i have never done anything like this so any advice would be appreciated. 

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Most likely have to make something yourself.  A sensor such as the GS100502 with just a straight threaded body is often the easiest.  Set it up to point at the the back of the wheel studs or similar on the front.  For the rear you will be best to have it point at the driveshaft flange bolts so you get an average of both wheels. 

Some examples below from an old racelogic manual.


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