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E-throttle problems


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1 hour ago, Vaughan said:

What kind of E-Throttle problems are we talking, is it throwing fault codes? is the TPS not accurately tracking the target?

Sorry these are the fult codes

Code #75 E throttle 1 TPS target error

Code #84 aux 9/10 E throttle IC over temp under voltage 

Code #17 AN volt below 3v


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code 17 says that your aps main voltage is dropping very low, I wouldn't expect it to drop below the 0.05V error low value you have set unless it is unplugged, does this code come back after clearing or is it a historic code?

code 75 says that your E-Throttle PID loop needs tuning and code 84 is most likely related to this if the PID loop is demanding high Duty Cycle values for extended periods

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I think some of the problem will be the 0.001 integral gain.  Try the PID values below.  You will need to temporarily set the E-throttle to setup mode to change these settings, then change it back to ON mode after adjusting.  If it is still not happy, you will need to do a PC log of a drive.



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