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Help with K24 running issue/cutting out 25000rpm


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Trying to get my K24 running nicely, it keeps randomly cutting out and i've done a log and it seems to think it randomly does 25000rpm where it stalls and comes up with rev limit activated. the other log shows it hunting and i can't seem to smooth it out, it has no iacv so the throttle plate is opened on the idle screw but it sounds as if its cammed and its same trying to hold revs too it'll hunt up and down. 


Map is only a basemap which i've tried to make out of the best i found on here (should of adapted my b series one really, it would of been easier) 


The map is a few days old, I'm not with the car right now to plug in to retrieve it from the ecu but can do this later. 

cutout.llg idle.llg k24 basemap.pclr

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