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Trigger issues - 13b S4 RX7 - Link G4X Storm


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I have recently finished wiring up a Link G4X Storm on a S4 RX7 with a 13b turbo. 

I went to try and start it lastnight and it wouldn't. I noticed while cranking the fuel pump wasn't running so I watched the live data while cranking and noticed that the Trig1 & Trig2 said they were on, but there was no RPM signal. 

I then captured the trigger scope while cranking and it looked a bit unusual (attached). 

The car was previously running a Microtech ecu and factory coils and it began having ign issues, so decided to replace the old microtech with a Link, smart coils, injectors and all the other good stuff. 

I am sort of thinking maybe the CAS is shot? 

Any help would be greatly appreciated! 



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Can you attach the tune, and preferably the log file from that trigger scope.  That scope shows the voltage is only around 0.2V so it is probably not exceeding the arming threshold.  Drop the arming threshold to 0.2V in the 500RPM cell, but Ideally you want more like 0.3V minimum coming from the sensor so if you can try to close up the sensor air gap a little.  

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Hi Adam, 

thanks for your reply, I will have to get the logs & tune after work.

I did try with 0.2v @ 500rpm threshold set but same thing. I will try adjusting the airgap as well and see if that helps.



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11 minutes ago, kaptainballistik said:

Still using the "factory" CAS 4 pin plug or the Microtech 3 pin (common "ground") CAS plug?

hey mate, using the factory 4pin CAS plug, Trig 1 to the Red CAS wire, Trig 2 to the Green CAS wire, 2x separate grounds through the shielded cables from the Link loom.

Have removed everything Microtech related and wired with new Link A & B Looms.


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