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Driveshaft speed sensor kit - r32 gtr


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Hey fellas


after having numerous speed related issues in my r32 gtr using stock abs speed sensors etc


i think I have decided to purchase a rear tailshaft speed sensor kit using a cherry speed sensor 

this will be far more reliable and accurate 


just have afew questions in regards to this been run with a g4+ fury

-the sensor has 3 wires, sensor ground, 5v and a signal to a spare digital input I’m assuming ?

would that input be a “GP speed” digital input ? 


Do we still leave the factory “LR wheel speed” on DI3 active or can it be disabled once the new speed source is running 



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You could connect to DI3 instead of the existing speedo signal.  I would leave it set up as one of the wheel speeds so you can assign it to driven or non driven wheel speed in the software as functions such as idle or launch use it.  You cant assign a GP speed to driven or non-driven.

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