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05 350Z - First time tuning


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Hi, have installed Link G4X ECU & Haltech WB2 wideband controller.

Flashed the 350z base map, looking at the steps to do next.

I have found on here that we need to calibrate VVT:
"With the engine warmed up and running above the VVT lockout RPM, go to >VVT Control>VVT Setup>Cam angle test and set it to calibrate, it will take a couple of seconds then should set itself back to off.  VVT should then work."

Someone else has mentioned we need to disable knock sensor while tuning.

Not sure what else needs to be adjusted from base map, how conservative is it? Which tables need updating? Being that I have a closed loop what is the best approach to the fuel map?

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Yes disable knock for tuning (or set ign retard limit to 0) if it is enabled in your map.  

Closed loop fuel would generally be disabled when tuning.  You want it to work well in open loop before you add the complication of closed loop.  

Basically everything will need to be tuned or at least validated.  The manual map came from our test car which was tuned but that was originally a G4+ map that has been converted to G4X so it wont be perfect.  The manual map came from HP academy's car but again it is intended only a starting point, all of it needs to be validated.   

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