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350z - base timing set up: cranking no timing light


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Had a weird one with this for the past week or so.
I'm just writing some of this up as it may help someone else too.

I'm just trying to get to the point of my first start, going through the manual step-by-step of course. I've been trying to get the timing light to work when cranking but it's just not happening. I cut back a bit of the tape around the coil wires so that I could try and figure out which wire was sending the signal but didn't seem to make a difference (and jeez its tight!).
So then I bought some ignition leads, popped one on the spark, and go the other end into the coil pack, tried again no joy.
Then I remembered I had a variable gap spark tester, and connected that to the coil pack, nope - nothing - weird!
Connected the coil pack back to the spark plug, and thought I'd just see if the software is even seeing anything when cranking but it didn't even see rpm weirdly.

I turned off the anti-theft, saved it and called it a night.
Went back out there today, tried again and horay, I see rpm and triggers working. I've recorded a log, and triggerscope.
I notice the battery is a bit low on cranking, and I've bought a new charger and have had to top it up a few times (battery only 7 months old!). 

I'll try once again for cranking with the timing light.

So my actual question, if I can't see the timing light when cranking, should I just try starting the car to see if I can set my base timing?

350z DE Manual trans (different cams/pistons - working fine on old ecu via UpRev)

350z_log_2022-04-23 11;08;01 am.llg Trigger Scope Log 2022-04-23 11;08;01 am.llg

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Timing light now works on cranking, which I suspected it would as there wasn't any spark before due to immobilizer I guess.

I did briefly fire it up but didn't idle for longer than 2 seconds. So will adjust idle to open loop.

Will report back tomorrow at some point,just hoping to sort base timing out this week:ph34r:

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