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Gear detection sometimes drops out


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Hi all,

Just working through boost by gear, I have set the gear detection to ECU calculated and the table is populated with the various gear ratios based on KPH/RPM.

I can see that most of the time the ECU does calculate the correct gear but sometimes it just drops out and just shows gear 0 - which then causes issues if I am trying to aim for a higher boost in that gear.

I have a digital input #1 as my speed source which is calibrated correctly and is 1 hz = 1mph - the units settings are set to MPH via PClink.

I have noticed that at 30mph (30hz on DI#1) is showing as 46.3rpm/kph and its calculated 3rd which is correct, slightly odd though as its showing 41.94rpm/kph in the ECU calculated table? Does the system allow a variance at all?

Looking at some of the logs I believe these are what I am getting using the output from the log:

1st = 655.35 rpm/kph

2nd = around 107 to 112 rpm/kph

3rd = around 61.50 to  62.10 rpm/kph

4th = around 34.80 to 35.20 rpm/kph

5th and 6th i've not really checked via the logs yet, below is the table in the ECU, should I just bin it off and add the above figures in?




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Set it to user defined and enter the average "Gear Ratio Calc" values for each gear from a log.  You first gear value of 655 looks wrong as that means your car  would only do 10kmh @ 6500RPM in 1st.  Possibly the clutch was slipping in the area you got that value from.

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