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no spark when cranking


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Hi everyone, I have AMC spirit with a jeep 4.0 inline 6 based engine in it that I converted to efi. Running a link g4x stormx, 6 ls coils, bosch 312cc injectors, ford 5.0 throttle body and iac valve, gm 3 bar map, gm ethanol sensor, factory 2001 jeep cam sync as trigger 2, and a balancer made by hesco that is the same trigger pattern as the factory jeep 4.0 one (factory ones were on the flywheel/flexplate) as trigger 1. Both triggers are hall effect and trigger pullups have to b on to get an rpm signal. Trying to run sequential fuel and ignition, There are no faults on the ecu and everything seem to be responding correctly. My coils and injectors fire when preforming the test in the ecu menu in there assigned positions. The problem is I get no spark while cranking, I dont think the injectors are firing while cranking either but im trying to get spark settled first. Grounds and voltages have been checked with no difference. Attached with be my tune, a log, and pictures of the factory flywheel pattern and the damper im running with the pattern in it. any help would be appreciated thank you very much Cheers - Jimmy


factory jeep trigger.jpg

PC Datalog - 2022-04-23 7;34;37 pm.llgx spirit share file.pclx

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It is not happy with the trigger, you can see RPM dropping to zero every rev.  I think this is probably because your wheel has three gaps but you have it set toi 2 in the software. 

Set trigger 1 number of gap to 3.  I would probably change sync tooth to 1 also.  

If that doesnt help, please do a trigger scope while cranking and attach here.


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Yeah trigger looks happy now I think.  The base timing will need to be checked.  The fuel table numbers will need to be much bigger for modelled equation.  Set the whole table to 70% will usually be close enough to get it running.  

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