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AEM wideband on CAN

Steve Bull

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Started to sort stuff now where the wiring will  let me test the ecu and  the canbus . The issue I have is that for some reason the lambda  reading is 96.34 when it should have been 18 to 20 at the most as the engine wasn't running.


My dash was showing 6.55 which is similar to the uppermost range that is given on the instructions. Lambda range 0 to 6.55.


can anybody throw any light on why the ecu is seen such a high figure or how I can bring it down to the maximum limit of what it should be when the engine isn't running. I know playing about with the divider on the can set up you can go to a maximum of something like 32,000 which brings it right down to about AFR of 30, still too high.

As far as aware it all installed correctly and it was done as per the help file

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So do you mean that  it looks right as  all the numbers add up. And if the engine was to start everything should fall in line, as in AFR drop the same as Lambda in other words if Lambda read 1 therefore AFR should read 14.7.


It just didnt look right.



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Yes it is correct.  6.5535 Lambda is 96.34AFR.  In reality it would be much leaner than that with the engine not running, but thats as lean as the device can read.  Change your PC Link units display to lambda if if you would rather see 6.55 Lambda.  

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Thanks for you support i thought id F'd the install some how, or the AEM wasnt playing the same game as the rest of the stuff.  I'm happy with AFR rather than Lambda its just what I'm use to.

All I have to do is get the dash to read AFR, the Multiplier for the Dash/lambda is set as standard at 1000. So if I change that to 14700 (14.7 x 1000) it should read the AFR value. The dash is Haltech and wont show AFR.

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