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Intermittent Crank Trigger


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On my 2g DSM I've been running a kiggly racing 12 tooth crank sensor for some time now. While doing some road tuning the car died at the top of 4th gear. Looking through the log, trigger 1 (crank trigger) started loosing and gaining signal. I can see this while cranking as well, see attached log.

I've verified mechanical timing, checked trigger settings (even though they didn't change), tried a new sensor, and verified I'm not losing voltage to the sensor. 

Only thing I can think to check is the trigger wire but I can see its getting signal so it would be difficult to see it create an open. 

PC Datalog - 2022-04-30 9;22;24 am cranking trigger.llgx

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The ECU will set RPM to zero when it cant determine crank position - this doesnt necessarily mean the signal has been lost, just the ecu is not receiving the pattern it expects.  Can you do a trigger scope while cranking and attach the file here.  >ecu controls>trigger scope.  Hit the capture button while cranking - not before.  

Also attach a copy of your tune.  

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