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Haltech IC7 will only read in Lambda over CAN


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May be an image of text that says 'Haltech modified 022-04-3007:02:30) x Fuel Level 5 32 Coolant Temp Display -15.00 MAP nsi 8 Channel 3 Units 32 Temp 1Error Counter ssure Speed 0.50 Lambda Counts 2 km/h AFR-P 9 NO.O N GEAR TRIP1 0.0 0.0 OlPres mperature Battery Voltage NOS ressure Angle Units psi 8.0 Battery 0.0 Speed km/h Flow FautCoe Distance Percentage MassRatio Code ppm'


I have the Haltech IC7 and as far as I can tell everything else is working.  But unfortunately no matter what I try, the Haltech Dash will only read in Lambda.  I am able to log the ecu in both Lambda and AFR from PCLink.  I have been going through the config files all day with no reasonable answer as to why.


2003 Evo 8.  

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