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Evo 9 - ACD Not Working


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One of my customers recently sold his car, an Evo 9, and the buyer has contacted me asking about the ACD, for which I know very little about. Apparently it is not functioning and all the ACD dash lights are on. He took it to someone who tried to connect to the OBDII port to access the ACD computer, but it did not work. Am I correct to assume the OBDII port will not work with the Link G4+? I said I would ask a question here on the forum.

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The scan tool will not communicate with the Link ECU but it should still be able to diagnose all other modules in the car that are available on the OBD port.  

The only two connections between the ecu and ACD is they both share the TPS signal and the ACD shares the tacho signal that goes from the ecu to the dash.  

You may need a specialised tool like "evoscan" to see the ACD codes.  From memory with the evo's there is a trick where you bridge 2 pins in the OBD port and then it will flash the ACD error codes on the dash.  

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