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Idle speed control - speed lockout kmh


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Hey guys 

just finished installing a tailshaft speed sensor on my r32 gtr, got it calibrated and running well just checking over everything now in the ecu


just have a question, in my idle speed control table, it is set to closed loop - ethrottle,

What should the speed lockout (in kmh) be set to, what’s a good recommended speed for closed loop to start operating 



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  • MichaelR32GTR changed the title to Idle speed control - speed lockout kmh

I have found it varies a bit with the drivers style.   I have it set to 20kmh in my car as I tend to push in the clutch and coast up to traffic lights etc.  So I want idle control to kick in and get the idle speed correct while im coasting. 

But in the past I have set up something similar on other cars that I have tuned and I would have the odd guy come back saying "my car stalls all the time coming up to lights".  Then I would test drive it forever and couldnt get it to happen.  I got one guy to take me for a drive one day and I found he would have the clutch out with the wheels driving the engine almost right up to the stop and only push in the clutch at the last second.  So with the ISC kicking in at say 20kmh while the engine was being driven by the wheels, the ecu would close the valve more and more trying to get the RPM down, then when the clutch went in and there was no drive acting on the engine it would instantly stall as the idle valve was too closed.  For these types of drivers the speed lockout needs to be lower - something like 10kmh.  

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