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Using SupraLink with a 2JZGE, can I activate the coolant fans with the ECU


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Greetings all,

Here is my specific question. On the 2JZGE block, there is one coolant temp sensor near cylinder 1, close to the heads. Can I send that temp signal ECU to be able to read the temp on an aftermarket dash (or a OBD port device), AND ALSO use the ECU to activate a fan relay using either a +/- to the fan's relay?

Thanks for any info!

All the best,

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14 hours ago, HollywoodJackson said:

I'm looking at pin B5 Ground (trigger)

That is the ground reference for one of the triggers (Trig 1 or Trig 2) which are used for engine position detection.

Best bet would to be use one of the outputs that aren't needed, maybe purge (Aux 10 B74), Fuel pressure increase solenoid (Ign 8 B73) or even the ac clutch output if you don't have AC

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