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Extended Can Bus Output


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I have been informed of your case in tech support.  Unfortunately at this time we dont support floating point format for CAN output and I dont see anyway to generate the CANAerospace messages that the Skyview uses.   I could put in a feature request to add a dedicated stream for this but the firmware team has a lot of work on at the moment so wouldnt be in the near future.  From memory you can use hardwired inputs for most of the data you need?

The old CRC32 option we used to offer in Vipec is different, that was used by some old Motec displays and is formatted more like a serial stream with all of the bytes in a single frame and a CRC on the end for error checking.  Quite different than traditional CAN and no one uses it anymore.  

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Thanks Adam,

Yes I can hardwire duplicate sensors for all the things I want to monitor but since I have all the data in the ECU already from its sensors I just thought i would be better off using can bus. I’m not in a hurry and would love to work on a solution if you think it’s possible. It seems like such a waste of capability not to pursue it. 


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