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Car starts but dies out after 5-6 seconds. Thunder ecu


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My Bmw e46 328 came to a stop after I added some gauges to see fuel pressure, diffent temps, oil pressure etc. Suddenly the car died and would not start again. I let it sit for a few hours and came back. Now the car does start, but only runs for 5-6 seconds. 
The car ran perfectly before I startet fidling with the gauges. I noticed that the software on the computer freezes when i try to start the car. I kind of loses the connection to the ecu. Do I need an updated software or have I broken the ecu in some bisare way?
I did not save the session I had going on since the car dies. I tried uploading the tune again but still the same issue.

I managed to make a few logs before the software froze. Attached you can find my tune and the logs. 

map BLADE.pclr Log 2022-05-22 5;53;47 pm fuel issue.llg Log 2022-05-22 8;58;41 fuel issue with start.llg

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sounds like the same issue I was having where my fuel pump relay was not wired in so it is only giving fuel off of the initial prime then as soon as the prime is gone it dies. I would look and see if you have in fact wired up your fuel pump relay and if the settings for it are correct.

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