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Clutch switch delay


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I'm new on this forum.

We've got a G4+ Fury on a dragbike.

I'm needing to set up a delay timer for a digital input.

DI - 3 Clutch Switch is used to trigger the Launch Control (single launch rpm limiter) 

The physical clutch switch (non adjustable) is disengaging too early in the levers travel, before the clutch has engaged. Its causing the RPM to spike from 8500rpm (launch control) to 11500rpm. The rpm spike is frying clutches. 

I need to set up a timer delay, so that the launch control rpm stays on a couple of tenths of a second after the clutch switch is released.

I'm not sure how to set this up. Any help appreciated.


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Can you attach your tune.  A few ways to do this, but I would probably use 3D launch mode, then you can put a timer on the axis and do what you ask - or if you wanted too you could then get more sophisticated and slowly ramp the limit up over 0.3seconds for example

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Thanks Adam.

A simple adjustable timer delay at a single constant RPM is all I need. So it sounds like 3D launch mode is what I need?

So when the clutch lever is pulled, in it activates the 8800 rpm launch rev limiter and it stays on until 0.3 secs after th clutch lever switch is released. 

I had a look in the 3D launch mode but wasnt sure how to configure the table to my needs. 

I attached the tune file to my first post.

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You dont need the 3D launch mode if all you want is a delay. 

You already have a "Race Timer" set up which starts counting up when you let go of the clutch, so you can use this same timer.  

So all you need to do is set up virtual aux 1 as a GP output like below, change the launch activation control to Virtual aux 1.  The "0.300s" is the amount of time the launch will stay active for after the clutch is released.



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