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Paddle shift g4x


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Help info seems a bit confusing, maybe someone can clear up a bit the rpm target  calculation with multiplier. As described right now i belive is a mistake in help file:

Up-shift target multiplier is recomended less than 100% this would mean cut will end before engine reaches next gear rpm so there is no more cut to allow reintroduction  ( if you calculate like in help file a 95% in example 4000 to 3000 drop will be 3050 so target is above engine rpm  not as stated :"engine rpm will be slightly above target" this will requre a 105%...

I belive the revomendations are inversed


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Yes you are right, Im sorry for the confusion.  I now remember noticing I had that text wrong some time ago and I then must have got distracted, never to think of it again...   In our test car I have arrived at values of 105% for upshift and 100% for downshift for all gears after several test sessions. 

I will attach a doc below which I gave to some of the early testers before we had the help text fully done, which may make it clearer or cover some in a bit more detail.   


Paddle Shift Notes for Beta testers.docx

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