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Golf mk2 Link Atom Trigger Problem


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We installed an Atom G4+ on a golf mk2 with a 60-2 Trigger kit at the crank pulley

The problem is that Atom doesnt have a trigger scope and i cant figure the problem. 

The car runs ok but when it reaches high RPM the car stalls and doesnt get any rpm for some minutes. When i run the car smooth at low rpm then it has no problem. Could the Crank sensor be faulty or overheating? I tried various clearance lengths at the crank sensor and the 1mm was the best. Car battery Voltage is good and everything grounded properly. 

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hall or reluctor ?

sound like something is overheating indeed , check in the F12 menu at the trigger tab if you still get a correct sig ,


only thing i've ever seen act up where some spark related components so it would check if you're still getting correct trigger sig when its not starting
if its spark related i would start by checking dwell times

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It is a reluctor sensor.

Dwell time is set to 1.5 and 50ms delay. 

I used a Twisted high quality Trigger wiring separated from the car engine wiring for troubleshooting and still the same. We used a vw golf mk6 Coil Pack with magnecor wires for that setup. (we had a motec before link and we had a trigger issue too. It was Reving at 6k max) 

No trigger signal when hot and not starting.

We are going to use a mercedes oem crank sensor instead of the universal ones and see what happens. If you have any ideas it would be helpful. 

RPM in the datalogging are not smooth, it seems like a heartbeat graph.

Thank you. 

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If the ecu is showing no signal on the trigger inputs then you have a faulty sensor or a bad connection somewhere.  The "trigger 1 signal" runtime will say yes any time a voltage at the trigger 1 pin exceeds the arming threshold - even if it is not the right pattern or noisy signal etc. 

What you could do is at a time when the engine is running ok, unplug the ecu and measure resistance between pin 7 & 8, note this down - this should be the same resistance here at the ecu as it is if you measure directly across the two sensor pins.  Most reluctor sensors are somewhere around 500-1500ohm.  Then next time you have the start issue do the same test, if the multimeter shows much higher resistance or OL at the ecu plug, then unplug the sensor and check resistance directly across the sensor.  That will then tell you if the problem is the wiring or the sensor.  

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