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2jzgte need help with tune. Tryna shoot flames and get anti lag sorted

Supra Yoshi

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Hello, any help with my tune would be very appreciated. Just trying to figure out what I adjust, if I need to adjust spark, what I should be looking at in the settings besides just dumping more fuel in. 

any help with setting up anti lag itself would be greatly appreciated. 

2jzgte 9:1 ratio wiseco pistons 634HD Bc rods and kings bearings with acl bearings as well. Stock mains, 264 Bc cams 1300cc FID injectors, stock valve train with BC springs n retainers. 7072 PTE turbo. g4+ ecu stock intake r35 Gtr coil pack conversion from Prp. 

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Hey I dont have any 2J experience but the ecu side should be similar. As far as setting it up we need a little more information. Does the car have a driving map on it currently and are you asking about normal driving or full throttle driving? Logs and Maps will be very helpful for anyone on the forum who can help you. So you might wanna post some of those so we can see where you might need adjustments. As far as the antilag stuff are you trying to set up a launch, rolling launch, or rally style antilag? All will be different, and will need different adjustments to function. The most common are stationary launch antilag or 2step, and then a rolling or latched antilag with a button. Let us know what you are trying to achieve and we can help you get set up..

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