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3URFE recommended PID settings


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I have just installed the toyota 3urfe 5.7l v8 E Throttle on my Toyota mr2.

The wiring is correct and I was able to complete the throttle calibration by lowering the pid settings to

P: 2.00

I: 0.020

D: 4.00

Deadband set to %0.00

After switching to ON the throttle works, but with constant foot pedal movement the TP/Target error accumulator exceeds 100% and shuts off. 

If I raise the pid values then the calibration will not complete giving me Error 16: Cannot reach target 98%

Is it safe to pass calibration with the lower values, then increase the pid until I get proper tracking?


Also, I see that you have the 3URFE throttle wiring in the help file, do you have recommended PID settings for this throttle body?



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Just do a manual calibration.  Turn the E-throttle relay off, push the throttle blade fully closed, type in the closed voltages, then push it fully open and type in the open voltages.  

What ECU are you working with?  

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Alright, I'll do a manual calibration.


I am using a Link G4+ ST205 PNP that has the E-throttle mod done by you guys.


I was mostly curious if you have any recommended PID settings because the HP Academy webinar recommends asking the ECU manufacturer for the PID settings.

If not I think I'll be able to get them dialed in now that I don't have to worry about passing the calibration.

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Hey Adam, I'm having issues with PID settings for the 2UR throttle body on a Link G4+. If you have any settings you could suggest it would be a real help!

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