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G3+ map convert to G4

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Hi, following on from my previous post, my car now starts. Idle is no good though, any tips for improving that?

I have added the old G3+ file and the current G4 file to this post.

Could someone please take a look and see what I've missed / forgotten to transfer across?

I know I have the settings wrong on the 2 outputs to relays, but my old laptop which had the original map on has failed and I am now unable to check the new one against it.

Many thanks in advancemr2-170322.pcl05april23.pcl

Not 100% sure if the 170322 or this file was the G3+, been a while since I opened it!mr2-1342.pcl

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Updated G4 map is attached.  I found quite a few differences and a few things messed up like the IAT trim table was adding 50% fuel.  Many of the analog input fault settings weren't set so many sensors were defaulting to the error value.  Trigger offset was 16deg different so you should confirm that with a timing light.  

G4 Updated.pcl

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