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Dave Kriedeman

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Hi all,

I would like to introduce to those of you that don't know this exists, HP ACADEMY.

HP ACADEMY is setup by ANDRE and BEN in New Zealand and is an ONLINE EFI TRAINING COURSE.

These guys have setup an outstanding very professional WEBINAR based tuning training platform.

The setup contains,



3. A COMMUNITY BASED FORUM, for general discussion and for technical support.

As most of you know I suffered a double brain stroke last year, i have had 8 months of recovery, so you can imagine how much boring television I have watched.

I then discovered these two characters and thought I would give them some of my dwindling bank account and watch there TRAINING COURSES.

I thought , why not.

I have been doing this stuff for 20 years and you never stop learning, lets see what these guys have to offer.

Well bugger me dead, ANDRE delivered a very professional course and he reminded me of stuff I had forgotten.

It was like learning all over again.

I couldn't believe I had forgotten some very important fundamentals, I even wrote them down as to not forget them again.

Andre and BEN offer a very professional straight to the point setup.

Don't worry about being intimidated by having over the top technology for you to try and get a grip on in an instant.

These live to air Webinars also have a chat screen where you can interact live with them asking questions if there is something you are unsure of.

The Training courses are broken into many modules, so you take things one step at a time.

Once you have paid for the course or courses you wish to watch you can return and re-watch them as many times as you like.

This also gives you instant access to the PRO TUNER section of the Course which contains the live streaming interactive webinars and the PRO TUNER FORUM.

You will be sent emails notifying you of when the next course or online webinar will be happening.

There are definitely at least 2 courses I strongly recommend that you take at the very least.

1 is EFI TUNING FUNDAMENTALS, this course takes you through the basic fundamentals of EFI system operation and how everything ties together.

2 is the LINK G4+ Tuning course, this is a very good course even though it is using the LINK G4+ it is still very close software and functionally as the i SERIES ViPEC.

This course gives you an overview of how to make a setup and use the software down to making tuning changes.

There are also a heap of other videos etc to watch.

I am still poking my nose in for a look when ever I get a chance.

So do yourselves a huge favour and check them out.

I strongly recommend these courses to youse out there that wish to learn to tune or further your tuning abilities from what they are now.

Andre is a very experienced tuner and does the actual training courses and webinars.

Ben on the other hand is the pretty boy (JUST JOKES MATE) who helps setup and make these productions all come together.

As a team together they work brilliantly to produce what I believe is a very high quality complete package course, that I strongly advise having a look at.

Their website is http://www.learntotune.com


Dave Kriedeman.

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