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S14 Nissan RB26.


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An evolution of this car over the last three years.

It has been fun, a mine shaft full of money and finally she is almost where I would feel happy with her.




and she is running ViPEC V88 with all the bells and whistles..

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Thank you Dave. I first built a 1uz Lexus V8 for her, all the right stuff internals and then lost interest in it.

I then pulled the RB26 from the Stagea and stuck it in here. The Stag is running Apexi with the new upgraded motor.

This one made 650 Whp but is un drivable with that power in the S14. Except for some scary top end runs..

Still playing with ViPEC here but thus far she is not too bad....except for fuel consumption.

Ill still get to that though, may send an e-mail off to that supercherged88 bloke shortly for some advice.. ;);) 8-) 8-)

A few more pics ..



Some proper braking and suspension as well



The best part of this all is that she really holds her own against some top machinery out there.

This was at Kyalami Raceway earlier this year..




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Once again very nice.

I have setup a new business called PRO Tuning.

My new email address is [email protected]

My website is still under construction, link is http://www.protuningcairns.com

I forgot to mention is that a TIAL Turbine housing I spot there, round port flange.


Dave :D

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It most definitely is a Tial 0.82 AR. Running a GTX3582R but looking at a GTX3076R for some "out of the corner" oomph. She really is a bit laggy out of fast 3rd gear corners and takes a while to come on song.

I can unfortunately not drop a gear there .....

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An update here....after Dave was commissioned long distance to help with my tuning, the GTX3076 turbo idea has been dumped and I kept the GTX3582R ..That now spools so damn quick it is a pleasure to drive in traffic, never mind the response out of corners..Cheers Dave. 8-)

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