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Gear cut whitout big bang


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I have a homebuild Super 7 whit a Hayabusa Turbo engine. http://www.maxxtuning.se/kundbilar/mapp ... --gerhard/

Problem is the big bang when i use the gear cut, and we talking BIG BANG those who hear it think someone hunt elk :lol:

I use a Strain Gauge / Load cell from Cordona, gear 1-3 I have 0,08 sek and 4-6 I have 0,06 sek cut period.

Is it possible to reduce the bangs ?

As it works now, I can not use it on track days because of rules on noise is max 95dB.

Regards Gerhard

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This is due to the fact it is cutting ignition and there is unburnt fuel igniting in the exhaust. One option might be to use only ignition retard to enable the gear change.

This can work ok on a sequential box when the shifts are fast.

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