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ECU controlled alternator


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Hi guys, i searched but didnt find,

is there way to control alternator with v88?

alternator need pwm signal to maintain desired system voltage of course load should make no difference in system voltage.

Something could be done over GP PWM output with gp output table, but than depending on system power load, voltage would fluctuate.

do you have any suggestions how to solve this now?

I have idea, but I do not know whether is it doable, i know it requires programing,

something like - alternator close loop control (for examle)

Operating freq: 250hz

min load: 10%

max load: 90%

desired voltage:13.8v

one table with reference numbers like closed loop idle control

800rpm ---- 2000rpm ---- 3000rpm ---- 4000 ---- 5000 ---- ....

50% dc -------48% -----------43%----------38%-------31%------....

btw, i entered ECU serial no but still cant post except here.

Please can you fix that, and move topic to v88 support


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thanks for reply guys

and actually i have turbocharged ST150

my idea was to setup gp output with rpm on x axis and batt voltage on y

but i think that want work.

car is running with 40A (fuel pumps, cop, injectors)

what when i get lights on its about 12-15A more



window heaters


i think that is impossible to compensate system voltage this way, but i will try.

2 bsh

is it possible for you to get that pwm table?


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  • 3 weeks later...

i do

but its no use :(

b+ to battery charging

pin 3 to battery for reference voltage

pin 2 from ecu pwm

pin 1 feedback to ecu square pwm

i ve search alot and i think ive figuire it out, but i dont have 100% confirmed data, i have to test and confirm all this.


image cant fit



and what i found

http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/to ... /?p=135566

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Hi Josey,

due to my lack of experience with this type of alternator I will need Simon's input.

I will get him to respond ASAP.

The image of the schematic diagram is illegible I can't see it properly sorry.

However the forum link info is of more use I believe.



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Unfortunately I really don't know what the required duty cycle would be.

We don't have any system to use the feed back from the alternator to effect the charge current.

All you can really do is base the control off the voltage we see at the ECU.

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