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hesitation on boost


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hello bit of a strange problem i'm having.

the last few weeks i've been trying to up the boost on my car and mapping the fuel as i up the boost duty the problem ive been having is as soon as i get to 40 percent duty and around 3500/4000 rpm i get a hesitation if i keep my foot down it pulls through the hesitation.

it seems like fuel but the afrs are aren't going lean there pretty much staying were they should be i have changed the fuel filter and fitted another brand new bosch 044 put the boost duty up to 80 percent took it for a quick test and the hesitation had gone.

but you guessed it as soon as i took it out to map it the hesitation is back at 40 percent duty.

when its doing this the fuel pump is louder than normal and it seems to happen when under bonnet temps are up.

i just tried to get a log of it but it stopped doing it when i tried but on the graph when it does it you get a nice curve then a squiggle in the line when it happens its a very strange problem i need to get to the bottom of it

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think i've found the problem but would be helpfull if someone could confirm my findings would the tps cause this issue on the log file the tps percentage is dropping off even though the accelerator is all the way down it happens around 3500rpm i have another log file when its not hesitating and the tps is at 100 percent.

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