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Idle speed control problems


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Hello guys,

We have a probem on our racing car. We use Tibuc intake manifold which has 4 throttles and responsystem valves. Which is used for anti lag.

But when i log on my pc and ecu. I dont see ISC sensor connected to Aux outputs.

So my question is how to control idle speed, through respons valve ( the wireing is down bellow ) or through main throttler body?

Only this problem left on car... The whole ECU wireing was made by other guys, so we cant figure it out is it in ecu or not...

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I assume the PWM UT is an input for PWM control from the ECU.

Its a little odd that it has a 5V feed, however I would expect to have an AUX output (aux 1 or 2) assigned as ISC solenoid.

And would expect the control to be the same as for a conventional ISC. (X Duty cycle at about 250Hz)

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