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Open Loop AFR Table


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The fuel table wont change but the calculated fuel will so you will see a change in injector duty cycle.

In open loop mode the table acts like a trim table. You should find that if you increase the AFR by 1 you will see the actual/measured afr move by 1 also

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Hi Simon,


Idoesnt seem to change the AFR tthe targevalue .Ie I want a block to go from afr 11.8 to 11 to see if there is more power or not. I saw a video on the g4 + ecu and it a changed in the fuel table. Is there something I can view to show that it is in fact appling the compensation 

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The ecu will need to have been tuned to the table at the start.

You will be able to check the duty cycle of the injector.

Make sure if you are manually typing in the new value that you hit the enter key after.

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Hi Cake,

The entire OPEN LOOP AFR TABLE should always be fully tuned for this function to work correctly.

Selecting a chunk of the table and applying a change will still be effected to a degree by the tables values, above, below or to the side of the selected values.

As Simon said store the changes to the ECU and also watch injector duty and time mS.



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