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Ethanol Sensor DI vs A4Volt?


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hello, I have the output wires from my zeitronix ethanol content gauge hooked to ANVolt 4.  Its calibrated correct, and the ecu displays the same value as my gauge.  I see with the new firmware there is a specific DI labeled ethanol sensor.  How can I tell my ecu to use anvolt 4 in stead of this DI?  My ecu is a 2004 usdm Subaru Sti plug in.  When I go to the MISC runtime page the ethanol % always shows the fault value assigned in the DI for ethanol sensor, it does not show my ANVolt 4 value which is correct.  Liikewise my startup tables are using the fault value data vs the correct data from ANVolt 4.  


If I need to re-wire, which pin on my ecu is the ethanol sensor DI?  the help file does not provide this info.





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Hi Aaron
You need to use the Di input if you want the ecu to use the sensor.
This will also give you fuel temp off the single input.

The signal from the sensor can be shared all you need to different with the ECU set up is make sure the DI pullup is turned off.

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