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G4+ Upgrade?

Brad Hansen

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Just looking over the G4+ features and wondering how much they differ (hardware-wise, i guess) from the previous G4 units and whether or not Link could offer an upgrade service wherein you send in your old G4 core and pay x amount to have it upgraded to a G4+ model as surely a lot of the components would be the same?  I understand that it would probably end up dearer if you factored in original purchase cost + upgrade cost but it would have to be a fair bit cheaper than a whole new ecu?


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Best bet will be to on sell the G4 unit and then buy the new +Series.

Hardware wise the main difference is a new micro which is not the same footprint as the old one.

So no easy upgrade option as whole circuit board would have to be replaced.

Some dealers have been kind enough to offer a trade in option but this would be up to them.

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