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Set static timing??


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Hi, last question for today...

I want to check my static timing on a LEM V5e (S4 RE D42 V5e). 13B turbo setup

The Config & Tuning manual says: quote [select 'Set Static' from the 'IGNITION' heading.] The problem is that I don't have a 'Set Static' option under the IGNITION heading or any heading for that matter. What is the correct method to check static timing? How can I stop the LEM from adding timing while cranking?

I hope there is a better way than modifying the ignition maps to 0deg....

I'm using a laptop and PCLink ver 2.5 that came with my LEM from new.

Can I also confirm that my Wiring and Install manual recommends 5deg. ATDC static in the appendix. Is ATDC correct or should that be BTDC?



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Best way when using PC is to set you advance limit to 0 this will lock to base timing.

After is correct on rotary applications. The rotary set up is a bit special in that regard.

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