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Electrical Load Idle-Up

Brad Hansen

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im currently sorting out everything i need to keep/remove from my factory wiring when i wire in my extreme ecu, and i have a question regarding electrical load.  my car is an fd rx7 and the standard computer has a terminal that is listed as having below 4.0V when there is a heavy electrical load on the engine and 5.0V when there isnt.  i'm just wondering whether or not the link has an electrical load idle-up function and if it does, how would i go about connecting/setting this up?



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Hi Brad,

The easiest option is going to be for you to run closed loop idle speed control. This way the ECU will be trying to achieve your target regardless of load upon the engine. 

The main problem with doing it any other way is that your input is not on/off. It may be worth checking the actual input, as most electrical load inputs are on/off. If you found it was on/off, or could modify the signal you could use one of the fuel trim functions like power steering or drive.


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