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PCLink for Linux

Jason Gardner

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  • 8 months later...

Hi Jason,

You're right, there isn't much demand for it. If you're having problems with the USB drivers you could always communicate through serial, and then if you don't have a serial connection use a serial to USB adaptor that has compatibility with WINE. At this stage we have no plans for a Linux binary, but if Windows gets any worse that might change.


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  • 14 years later...

digging this out from the dead, hopefully there are still others that care about linux support. it's one of the very main things stopping me from putting a link in my vehicle, as i exclusively use pidash and require the seamless integration of hardware to work together. still just a dream, though...


also windows sucks. i use it for gaming, and that's about it.

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forgot to include that windows sucks.
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Of course, lots of people would love a Native Linux app, hell even an appimage. But it's a lot of support issues and development. I'd think Link would do a Mac one first if they ever did anything other than Windows. Only based on the user base.

Really using QEMU with KVM and a Windows VM isn't such a pain. 


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