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  1. Here is my data, from Golebys website, not sure if it's dead on but it is something.
  2. wastegate


    Personally I think Adam and the team does a wonderful job of helping people get their shittas running. In fact I've seen a number of times Adam (sorry to single you out) has gone above and beyond to help. You have to remember that these guys (non gender version) make and support the ECU. Getting the engine and systems working with the ECU comes down to who is putting in the numbers into the ECU. It's not on Link to get it running and tuned for you. Some people keep bring up this whole thing about them feel abandoned on G4+. It's EOL, new version now with better features and faster C
  3. Thanks Vaughan, this is a fresh Windows 10 install. Only other thing installed was PCLink G4+ Will be picking up my G4X on Tuesday so will go that solution a go cheers.
  4. Hey Guys, I've just upgraded from a G4+ to a G4X TALTX and I'm just installing G4X PCLink EN 6.19.65. However, running into an issue were it fails to start. Errors in a dialog box saying FTD2XX.DLL is missing. This is in a Windows 10 20H2 Virtual Machine on VMware Workstation 16.1 Uninstalling and installing 6.18.44 works fine.
  5. Hi Guys, First up I know it's not officially supported by using this ECU with different engines like the 2J. So really just after some verification I'm looking at an issue or just a ghost. I have a IS300 with a 2JZGTE from an Aristo, being controlled by the Altezza TALT+ PnP. Header was repinned to suit the TALT+. Now, it's been tuned and working great for over 2 years now. But just this week I've had an issue with the AP(sub) cutting out and causing error counts to go up until it hits 100% and shuts off the ethrottle, luckily the Toyota throttle has a manual bypass over 90% to limp
  6. Update, HGM fixed the firmware and now have gear change request. Thanks Adam on the torque reduction strategy, works a treat. Just need to fine tune it. I've reduced the IGN trim retard a little as I don't have 20 degrees of timing in some spots and it's getting retarded too much and seems to spike boost.
  7. Thanks Adam! Might just do this cheers
  8. Just to update, as things get confusing, managed to capture some data. Still working on getting the shifts transmitted but it's certainly in HGMs court now, likely need a input shaft speed to the controller as well to know when it's starting the shift.. They wrote a custom firmware to bypass this but still not getting anything on the shift. I am getting the following though which just shows something is getting through. Using Receive CAN ID 217055747 (CF00203) I got from Guy @ HGM Start Pos 5, Width 2, LS, Unsigned = Torque Convertor Locking Up Start Pos 7, Width 2, LS, Unsigned = G
  9. Hi Guys, Do you know if the CAN-MPX translator Zac designed on the TALT+ has the Cruise Light programmed into the logic? So we could add cruise light to the CAN2 Transmit Frame? Looks like Cruise Control Light on the combo meter is at 0xD2 Byte0 Bit1 on the MPX. Kinda hoping Zac programmed it already in there and it has a CAN address reserved.
  10. Thanks Adam, gave it a go, no changes in state with those settings on gear change.
  11. Map attached Adam?
  12. Hey Adam, I gave Byte 3 a go on both ID 217055998 and 15729152 but didn't get anything during a gearchange. I also tried Byte 11 for giggles on both IDs and nothing as well. I've attached by config and log just incase you would like to see it. But will reach out to Guy @ HGM and see if they can help too. Cheers Log 2020-10-4 12;12;09 pm.llg Scott's Map 07052019 - Flex Tune - Nick edit 04102020 - cold start better - new VVTI map WIP - Elite Gauge CAN - Cruise Changes - base fp 3bar - Accel Enrich - Idle Ign - IAT Fuel off.pclr
  13. Thanks Adam, will give that a shot. In regards to the filtering and units for the accelerometers, is that something the G4X can do?
  14. Hi Guys, Need a little help setting up the G4+ to receive some data from a Compushift Transmission controller. Adam you helped me with this through facebook, but didn't seem to receive anything, so wanted to make sure I'd done it right or we have the right settings. In the facebook post you gave me the following settings But using these settings I didnt get anything received on CAN DIG #8 Now I had a look at the HGM Compushift Wiki and they have the J1939 CAN spec in Excel format. The CAN function I want is Looking at the ID, tran
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