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Map sensor calibration failure question

Adrian Dawson

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Hello after a bit of help with a calibration failure I have.  I have recently setup my g4 storm to run my sr20, before I first started i calibrated it and had no issues. I was haveing problems with other things so I thought I'd calibrate everything again to be sure it's rite. When I tried to calibrate the map sensor it came up with map sensor calibration command failed: current map <5kpa 0r >5kpa of Baro reading, I found that the internal map sensor runs through an volt 5 and set it to the link 2.5bar map sensor but no difference. At ign on i have 1.08 v at map sensor. When I suck/blow through the vacume hose it seams to be working. 

Any ideas why this error is coming up?

thanks guys!!

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